Yoga Exercise

Yoga is based on the yogic view of health that assumes body and mind are one and their existence is together. The healthy and balanced interaction between the mind and body is of prime importance. Yoga is a mixture of various ethical imperatives and moral percepts including:

  1. Asanas (Postures or gentle stretching exercises)
  2. Pranayama (Breathing exercises)
  3. Kriyas (Cleansing procedures)
  4. Meditation
  5. Diet
  6. Lifestyle

Yoga first attempts to calm the mind so that it can make healthy choices for a healthy body. It can help in treating chronic diseases and also enhances the health of a person. Specific asanas are meant to target specific parts or organs of the body to improve their functioning.

Benefits of Yoga

  1. Relaxes and refreshes the body and the mind
  2. Clears the negative thoughts from the mind
  3. Normalizes body weight
  4. Improves resistance to disease
  5. Enhances blood circulation
  6. Improves functioning of body organs and organ systems
  7. Increases energy level and productivity
  8. Leads to genuine inner contentment and self-actualization