Vajikarana Therapy or Ayurvedic Aphrodisiac Treatments

Ayurveda is divided into eight branches to maintain health and prevent diseases in human beings. Vajikarana is one of those eight branches that deals with all types of sexual problems in males and females.

According to ayurveda, healthy shukra dhatu is essential for satisfying and productive sex and vajikaran treatment makes normal, healthy and mature shukra dhatu. It increases the strength and potency of a male like horse.

Disorders treated by Vajikarana Therapy:

  1. Impotence
  2. Libido
  3. Poor erection
  4. Early ejaculation
  5. Sterility
  6. Frigidity in females

Types of Vajikarana

Ayurveda considers all substances that enhance the sexual activity as Vajikarana Dravyas and may include herbs, ornaments, gold, silver, pearls, precious stones etc. Vajikarana Dravyas include the following:

  1. Semen enhancing like milk, ghee, gokshura, shatavari, yashtimadhu etc.
  2. Semen purifying like kushtha, sugar cane, bayberry etc.
  3. Promoting fertilization capacity in semen like brahmi, shatavari, katuka, guduchi etc.
  4. Libido increasing like akarakarabh, saffron, clove, garlic, pippali etc.
  5. Premature ejaculation preventing like nutmeg, ashwagandha, chandan, jatamansi etc.

Charka Samhita states following benefits of Vajikarana Therapy:

  1. Increases the time span of erections
  2. Cures erectile dysfunction
  3. Prevents premature ejaculation
  4. Stimulates man for sexual acts to satisfy females without getting tired
  5. Transforms lean and impotent man into powerful and vigorous
  6. Facilitates in procreation of healthy off springs
  7. Increases sexual energy and strength like a horse
  8. Increases will power, intellect and memory in addition to promoting a healthy body