Uttara Vasti or Douche

It is the procedure in which medicated decoction is introduced into the female genital tract in a specific manner, after completion of menstrual cycle to treat various gynaecological disorders.

Indications of Uttara Vasti

  1. Gynecological conditions
  2. Uterine disorders
  3. Bladder disorders
  4. Dysmenorrhea
  5. Menorrhagia
  6. Primary infertility
  7. Sexual problems
  8. Vaginal infections
  9. Dryness or soreness of vaginal passage
  10. PMS
  11. Venereal diseases
  12. Infertility
  13. Hormonal imbalances
  14. Menopause
  15. Breast cancer

Benefits of Uttara Vasti

  1. Nourishing and rejuvenation therapy
  2. Strengthens the female body & especially genital tract
  3. Promotes blood supply by opening up the channels of circulation
  4. Relieves body pain, spasms and stiffness
  5. Rejuvenates mental and physical status
  6. Increases sexual power
  7. Treats almost all gynecological disorders