Ushmaswedan (Steam bath)

Swedan means to sweat or perspire and in ayurveda, the procedure used to induce sweating to remove internal excreta of the body is called Swedanam or Swedankarma.
Ushma swedan or Steam fomentation is a popular mode of swedan which uses full body steam cabinet, warm resort, hut, house etc. to induce sweating. The procedure is performed by pouring warm and medicated liquid, milk or oil on the body or the head to encourage easy sweating of the body.


Properly oiled patient is asked to reside inside the warm chamber that is filled with aromatic steam of herbs, till the patient gets proper sweating all over the body. The choice of herbs for steam and oil to be poured is made by the ayurvedic physician depending upon the patient’s prakruti and vikruti. The procedure opens the sweat pores and dilates the channels of the body, allowing the stored ama (toxins) to move back into the digestive system. The loosened toxins are then eliminated from the body through panchkarma therapy.

Benefits of Ushma Swedan

  1. Liquefies and eliminates the sticky and adherent doshas or toxins from the peripheral tissues
  2. Relieves stiffness and heaviness of the body
  3. Detoxifies body
  4. Improves circulation
  5. Opens up the skin pores
  6. Removes excess body heat & fat