Urovasti is an herbal oil treatment that is part of ayurvedic panchkarma therapy. Urovasti is a sanskrit word in which Uro means chest and vasti means retaining something. So Urovasti is a procedure in which warm and medicated oil or ghee is retained on the chest for a specific period of time. The procedure is particularly recommended for diseases related to chest region.

Indications of Urovasti

Asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems

  1. Mild angina
  2. Ischemic heart disease
  3. Cardiomyopathy
  4. Muscular chest pain
  5. Heavy Smoking
  6. Breathlessness

Procedure of Urovasti

An Ayurvedic physician carefully evaluates the patient’s prakruti, vikruti and dosha imbalance to prescribe medicated oil or ghee for Urovasti.
Patient is asked to lie flat on his back and gentle massage is given all over the body. Then the ayurvedic therapists prepares a tough dough of black gram flour or whole wheat flour. This dough is used to make a small ring of four to five inches diameter over the chest. The below edges of ring are glued to the skin using water. Now medicated oil or ghrit as prescribed by ayurvedic physician is warmed and filled inside the ring by gently pouring or squeezing it with cotton gauze. On cooling of the oil, it is squeezed out and replaced with more warm oil repetitively for around 30 to 45 mins. The procedure simultaneously does local oleation and sudation.

Benefits of Urovasti

  1. Balances imbalanced Vata Dosha
  2. Reduces pain, inflammation, spasm and rigidity of the chest muscles
  3. Relieves chest congestion
  4. Increases lung capacity
  5. Improves circulation and breathing
  6. Boosts neuromuscular system and connective tissues
  7. Nourishes, strengthens and balance heart functions
  8. Reduces sadness, indecision, frustration and stress