Spinal Rehabilitation

Spine is a series of 26 vertebrae that extends from the skull to the back. It encloses the spinal cord and provides support to the thorax, abdomen, and the backbone. Spine plays a vital role in the movement of our body. Its structural uniformity is the most important aspect for our effortless movements. The total nerve supply to different parts of the body is through spine.
Any change in the structure of spine can cause pain and limited movement. This change can be because of infection, injury, tumor or aging process. So basically, spinal disorders are a group of conditions that involve the loss of normal structure and function of spine.

Symptoms of Spinal Disorders

Although it depends upon the location of spine involved, but majorly patient complains of the following symptoms:

  1. Sharp back or neck pain that radiates to other parts of the body
  2. Weakness, limited motion, and sensory loss of the affected part
  3. Loss of bladder and bowel function
  4. Sexual dysfunction
  5. Paralysis

Ayurvedic Treatments & Rehabilitation for Spinal Disorders

The main reason for spinal disorders is vata dosha and ayurvedic treatment focuses to balance the vitiated vata dosha by:

  1. Internal and external use of herbal formulations
  2. Abhyangam i.e. body massage with medicated oils
  3. Upanaha or medicinal poultice
  4. Dhanyamla dhara i.e. pouring of fermented medicated liquid on affected area
  5. Vasti (medicinal enema)
  6. Kati-vasti/Greeva vasti
  7. Kayaseka
  8. Pindasweda
  9. Following ayurvedic satvic diet
  10. Yoga

Ayurvedic therapies chosen depending upon the causative factor and the level of doshic imbalance. All these ayurvedic therapies not only speeds up the rehabilitation but also fastens the recovery process of the patient.

Advantages of Ayurvedic treatment and rehabilitation

  1. No risk of associated disorders or further spinal cord injury
  2. No side effect
  3. Cost effective and feasible
  4. Early and complete recovery