Snehapanam is an ayurvedic therapeutic procedure characterized by oral intake of medicated ghee or oil for internal purification. It is also a preparatory procedure before starting the panchkarmatherapy.
The procedure involves intake of medicated ghee or oil on empty stomach to remove hard-core toxins and wastes from the body. We provide best snehapanam treatment in Kerala.

Disease Indications for Snehapanam

  1. Digestive disorders like ulcers and IBS
  2. Skin diseases like psoriasis, rashes, boils etc.
  3. Neurological ailments
  4. Urinary disorders
  5. Diabetes mellitus
  6. Gout
  7. Osteo-arthritis
  8. Chronic constipation
  9. Epilepsy
  10. Infertility
  11. Psychiatric diseases
  12. Peptic ulcer
  13. Haemorrhoids etc.

Snehapanam Procedure

The procedure involves oral intake of medicated ghee by the patient for a specific period of time as advised by the ayurvedic physician.Ayurvedic physician evaluates the patient’s age, digestive power, prakruti, vikruti and dosha imbalance to select the type, dosage and duration of snehapanam. Generally it is continued for 3 to 7 days with gradual increase in the dose of ghee. Patient is advised to follow diet and lifestyle regulations. During snehapanam, no other medicines, except the ghee, is allowed. After snehapanam, purgation is strongly recommended.

Benefits of Snehapanam

  1. Lubricates all the channels of the body, including the lymphatic system
  2. Moves toxins from channels into the digestive tract
  3. Calms down the mind to reduce mental stress
  4. Increases body immunity
  5. Prevents recurrence of the diseases
  6. Increases appetite
  7. Accelerates intestinal peristaltic movements
  8. Nourishes the body