Prachana (Pricking method)

Prachana karma is one of the types of rakta mokshana in which koorcha shastra (surgical instrument) is used to make multiple shastrapada (pricks or punctures or cuts) on the target area to ooze out the vitiated rakta and achieve doshasamyata (dosha balance). This procedure is performed in those patients who have enough strength .
By this procedure the blood oozes out from the diseased area. Thus the vitiated doshas are expelled out and the disease is cured.

Indications of Prachana Karma

  1. Diseases produced due to vitiation of blood
  2. Locally accumulated vitiated rakta
  3. Localized skin diseases
  4. Glandular enlargement
  5. Benefits of Prachana Karma
  6. Brightens the colour of the skin
  7. Empowers the sense organs
  8. Reduces itching, inflammation and redness of skin disorders
  9. Releases congestion
  10. Relieves edema
  11. Improves circulation