Post Trauma Rehabilitation

Patients after trauma can be left with some form of physical, psychological, or social disability. In such a condition, rehabilitation is most importantly required to manage stress and regain physical strength of the ailing body.
A structured ayurvedic rehabilitation approach can help such patients get back to normal life by maximizing the ability of the person to function. The ayurvedic therapies focus to restore full range of motion, strength, sensation, and endurance of the body part, while maintaining independence in all daily life activities.
The duration and type of rehabilitation treatment required after trauma specifically depends upon the body part, type of dysfunction trauma caused, and association of soft tissue.

Ayurvedic Rehabilitation Therapies

  1. Internal therapies (include herbal formulations and dietary guidelines)
  2. External therapies (like lepas, dhara, pizhichil and patrapinda svedan)
  3. Marma chikitsa (pressure application on specific points in the body to increase joint mobility and function, while decreasing the pain)
  4. Panchkarma (removing toxins and cleansing the body)
  5. Physiotherapy
  6. Yoga & other strengthening exercises

Advantages of Ayurvedic Post Trauma Rehabilitation:

Ayurvedic external therapies reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation. This fastens the healing process.

  1. Heat modalities will improve mobility of joints
  2. Fastened recovery of bone strength so that bone can sustain heavy load and the individual can resume full activities of daily living
  3. Tone up the weak muscles
  4. Improves the quality of life in extreme cases