Nasyam is a panchkarma procedure in which medicated oil or herbal juices are administered through the nose to remove the excess doshas accumulated in the head, sinus cavities and throat. It is basically meant to cleanse and open the channels of head to improve brain functioning.

Nasya is of different kinds depending upon the type of medicines used and the ailments being treated:

  1. Pradhama Nasyam is blowing of medicinal powders into the nose to treat conditions like
    • Headaches
    • Head heaviness
    • Nasal congestion
    • Drowsiness
    • Epilepsy
    • Skin diseases
  2. Brimhana Nasyam is performed with medicated ghee or milk to nourish and strengthen the head region: It is used to treat conditions like
    • Migraine headaches
    • Voice problems
    • Mouth diseases
    • Nervousness
    • Bursitis
    • Mental disturbances
  3. Shamana Nasyam is performed with herbal medicines, tea and similar decoctionsto treat conditions like
    • Thinning of hair
    • Premature graying of hair
    • Tinnitus
    • Conjunctivitis
  4. Navana Nasyam uses medicated oils and decoctions.
  5. Marshya Nasyam is performed with ghee or oil for symptomatic treatment of certain diseases.
  6. Pratimarshya Nasyam is performed by dipping the little finger into medicated ghee and inserting the finger into the nostrils with gentle massage to relieve stress.
  7. Virechan Nasyam is performed with strong medicines to instantaneously expel doshas from the head region.
  8. Samana Nasyam is moderate nasya procedure that is performed to subsidize the increased doshas without expelling them.

Procedure of Nasyam

Nasya is generally performed in a room where there is no breeze. In such a room, patient needs to lie down on his back with head slightly down and legs higher on a wooden cot. Pre-preparatory massage and fomentation is given to the head, neck and chest area. This is followed by careful instillation of medicated oil/ghee/juice etc. into the nostrils . Patient is asked to remain calm and keep breathing during whole procedure.

Benefits of Nasya Karma

  1. Healthy and proper growth of hair
  2. Enhances mental and sensory acuity
  3. Prevents diseases pertaining to head
  4. Prevents early aging process
  5. Keeps the eyes, nose and ear healthy
  6. Promotes emotional happiness
  7. Clears the nose and sinuses obstruction
  8. Promotes lightness of the body
  9. Soothes dryness in the nose