Kativasti is a very effective ayurvedic therapy for various ailments of the lower back and spine. Kati vasti is sanskrit word in which kati means the lumbo-sacral region and vasti means retention. So the procedure of retaining medicated oil in back or spine region for certain period of time is called kati vasti.

Procedure of Kati Vasti

Ayurvedic physician carefully evaluates the prakruti, vikruti and dosha imbalance of the patient before prescribing medicated oil to be used for kati vasti.
On the day of procedure, patient is asked to lie face down on the massage table. Ayurvedic therapist prepares a tough dough of the black gram powder or wheat powder. This dough is used to make a circular or rectangular boundary in the lumbo-sacral area. Ensuring leak proof, lukewarm medicated oil is poured and retained for some time in this reservoir. When the oil starts to cool down, it is squeezed using cotton and more warm oil is poured in it. This procedure is repeated for 30 to 40 minutes depending upon the patient requirement. This is followed by gentle massage of the area.

Indications of Kati vasti

  1. Sciatic nerve compression
  2. Most types of Lumbago (low back ache)
  3. Muscular spasms
  4. Spinal disorders
  5. Lumbar Spondylosis
  6. Intervertebral disc prolapse
  7. Fracture & dislocation
  8. Spinal tuberculosis
  9. Spinal tumors
  10. Osteoarthritis of the back bone
  11. Degenerative illnesses of the vertebras or back bone
  12. Preventive treatment to avoid back problems and to keep spine healthy

Benefits of Kati Vasti:

  1. Alleviates numbness, pain, stiffness and inflammation of lower back
  2. Nourishes and strengthen the joints, muscles, nerves and soft tissues of back to maintain normal curvature of the spine
  3. Improves mobility of the stiff joints
  4. Improves blood circulation in back region
  5. Slows down degeneration process
  6. Effective treatment for most types of back & spinal disc problems