Vasti or cleansing enema performed with herbal decoction is called kashaya vasti. It is performed to purify the body by eliminating harmful toxins ad impure doshas from the body.

Indication: Vata disorders and abdominal disorders

Objective of Kashaya vasti

Kashaya vasti is indicated mainly in the vitiation of vata dosha and is generally performed along with sneha vasti. Both the vasti procedures when performed in combination imparts much more benefits to the body. Ayurvedic physician evaluates patient condition and prescribes a combination of kashaya and sneha vasti like:

  1. 3 kashaya vasti and 5 sneha vasti
  2. 6 kashaya vasti and 9 sneha vasti
  3. 12 kashaya vasti and 18 sneha vasti

Procedure of Kashaya vasti

Kashaya vasti is performed on empty stomachbetween 10 am and 12 noon. The preparatory procedures for vasti include snehanam and swedanam. After making the patient lye in a comfortable position that is neither too high nor too low, patient is instructed to be on his left side, folding his right thigh and extending the other. Then the luke warm and freshly prepared specific vasti medicine is administered into the colon via rectum. The fluid should be discharged within 5 to 15 minutes and will contain toxins along with fecal matter. Patient is then advised to take hot water bath followed by light food.

Benefits of Kashaya Vasti

Kashaya vasti when performed in combination with sneha vasti eliminates vata dosha and treat disorders such as arthritis, constipation, neurological ailments, paralysis, flatulence, lower backache, gout and rheumatism etc.