Jaloka Avacharanam

‘Jaloka’ means leeches and ‘Avacharanam’ means application. Jaloka avacharanam is a type of raktamokshana or blood-letting procedure in which alive jaloka are applied on the target area to expel out the vitiated blood safely, quickly and effectively. It is a highly safe and effective therapy to treat disorders involving the vitiation of blood.

Indications of Jaloka Avacharanam

  1. Nervous system disorders
  2. Circulatory disorders
  3. Cardiovascular disease
  4. Arthritis and other inflammatory disorders
  5. Gastrointestinal disorders
  6. Genitourinary disorders
  7. Eye disorders like glaucoma
  8. Skin diseases like acne, herpes zoster, psoriasis, eczema
  9. Dental problems
  10. Venous hypertension
  11. Infections
  12. Plastic or other micro surgery
  13. Piles
  14. Varicose veins & ulcers
  15. Infected wounds
  16. Inflammatory swellings
  17. Abscess
  18. Gout
  19. Hepatitis
  20. Stomach ulcers
  21. Pancreatitis
  22. Headaches etc.


As per the prescription of ayurvedic physician, jaloka avacharanam is performed on the patient of vitiated blood. Alive jaloka or leeches are placed on the target area and they themselves gets attached and draw blood from the patient’s body. After attaching themselves through a painless bite on the target area, they release the proteins and peptides while sucking the impure blood. It is very important to perform this procedure under the guidance of a skilled Ayurvedic physician as he can very well evaluate the jaloka and take care of the patient.

Benefits of Jaloka Avacharanam

  1. Increases blood circulation
  2. Breaks up blood clots
  3. Reduces vascular congestion
  4. Promotes wound healing
  5. Relieves pain, stiffness and inflammation of joints and muscles
  6. Destresses mind, body and soul
  7. Purifies blood by expelling out vitiated doshas
  8. Immuno-stimulation and immuno-modulation
  9. Anti-bacterial effect