Elakizzhi or Patra Potala Swedam

Ela or ila or patra means leaves and kizhi or potala means bolus.
Elakizzhi is one of the major sudation process of ayurvedic panchkarma treatment that uses herbal leaves to treat ailments of bones, joints and nervous system. It is an innovative classical massage with medicated leaves.

Indications of Elakizzhi or Patrapotala Swedam

  1. Vata disorders
  2. Neurological disorders
  3. Arthritis
  4. Myalgia
  5. Chronic back pain
  6. Joint Pain
  7. Sciatica
  8. Paralysis
  9. Lumbar or Cervical spondylosis
  10. Numbness
  11. Sprains and cramps
  12. Frozen shoulder
  13. Neuralgia
  14. Sports injuries
  15. Post traumatic dysfunctions etc.


Ayurvedic physician carefully evaluates the prakruti, vikruti and dosha imbalance of the patient before prescribing herbs/herbal leaves to be used for Elakizzhi. The medicinal leaves are first chopped and fried in plain sesame oil or other medicated oil. This is divided into four equal parts and tied in a linen cloth to form potala or boluses. The potalas are kept in the same oil used for frying in a vessel and the vessel is then heated. After giving a gentle massage to the patient for about 10 to 15 minutes, potalas are used for massage over the body in seven different postures for about 30-40 mins taking care of the oil temperature. After the procedure, the patient is allowed to rest in a thick blanket for about 30 minutes to induce perspiration. Lastly, the patient is allowed to take shower with hot water.

Benefits of Elakizzhi or Patrapotala Swedam

  1. Anti-aging, rejuvenating and relaxing treatment
  2. Enhances peripheral blood circulation
  3. Cleanses the circulatory channels and expels toxins through the sweat
  4. Improves skin complexion& skin tone
  5. Increases  muscle strength
  6. Relieves body pain, spasms and stiffness
  7. Increase the range of joint motion
  8. Enhances sport performance
  9. Nourishes the strained body parts
  10. Alleviates sore muscles and joints
  11. Lubricates joints
  12. Strengthens the spinal muscles
  13. Improves body immunity, vitality and longevity