Ayurveda means the science of life that gives a holistic approach to treatment procedure. Ayurveda strongly believes in the fact that medicines alone cannot cure a patient. Counselling or “Ashwasan chikitsa” is also very important part of the treatment to achieve healthy body and mind. Ashwasan means `building confidence’ that gives strength to the patient to heal.
Ayurvedic Physician treat patients after understanding the deep root of the disease. They just don’t look at the outer effects of the disease, but try to find out the pathological and psychological causes of the disease by one-on-one counselling. This is required as psychological factors are the underlying causative factor of most of the modern day diseases.
Ayurveda cures physical problems of the patient by medication and, settles the psychological problem by counselling. Counselling empower the patient to expedite the changes he want to see in his life. In fact, ayurvedic interventions along with counselling can help the patient to fight with his inner critic and expel the feelings of frustration or stress, to create a stronger force for healthy life.